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13.01.2021 OCEAN UPDATE


As you will be aware, since Friday the weat

her has changed for the better after 6 days of bobbing around, and the boats are all making their way the correct direction, to Antigua.

Craig is well and apologises for the lack of BLOGS since last week but he is spending the time rowing to make up some distance and at the end is falling straight to sleep. I am sure in the next few days we will get our next chapter to 'JUST OARSOME....GIVING IT A SPOARTING CHANCE'

I am making sure Craig knows about all the amazing comments you are posting on here as he has no social media or his own emails etc. Those who have PM'd me I have passed these on to him and they are adding spark to his day. I cannot pass any pictures I am sorry.

Keep watching that dot and I will post a blog as soon as it is flown to me by Uncle Albert the Albatross

Emma x

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