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24th Dec

Confined to my cabin for the best part of the day is not how I had planned to spend Xmas Eve but there is nothing I can do as the wind is blowing 13-18 knots from the direction I wanted to go! Poo! In fact...double poo! I have downloaded the weather app again and it begins to ease a little at around 0600 on Xmas day so hopefully I can get back on the oars again even if it is to make south and away from this and follow it around as it breaks later in the day. I feel poo just from sitting in the cabin, I'd much rather be working but I battled this morning until I got to the point I was heading backwards so common sense said to sea anchor up and perhaps I will have a more productive day tomorrow. None of this has dented my aim of crossing this ocean, I will get to the other side no matter what, that is a given, even if i float there. I will not let anything stop me. The photos I have in my cabin have massively helped me, I am not some far out hippy or religious but I am pretty sure my dad has looked after me on this trip up to now. It has been uncanny the amount of times Rod Stewart has broken into song at apt moments in the tunes and I have it on random play. I have had some great chats with him, very one sided ...perhaps I am more weird than I thought! Every time I think something hurts on my body I look at Rob Burrows picture. No matter what happens to me here, I will heal at some point, maybe with scars but nothing compared to what he and others are and have gone through with MND. SO....its suck it up buttercup and keep going! After all, I chose this! Thank you so much Ewan Dowes and the 24 hr ride for your messages they have really helped. I have also been told that my blog on twitter by Steve Towse had an impression rte of 9k with all views and retweets! Wow! Hopefully this will transcend into a greater profile for MNDA and i will achieve the fundraising set out to do. Wishing the Facebook world a very merry Christmas from the Atlantic ocean via Emma from me and the boys (Derek and Tin)

Until next time, Craig xx

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