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27th Dec

Been out here now for just over 2 weeks. I can't believe it, it just seem so normal now every day. I wake up, walk the plank (cannot afford a dog), drop onto the oars for 0600 and away we go. My effort is the same each day but the mileage differs massively, though that's all down to sea state, winds and currents...I am trying I promise.

Hands have now succumbed to the fast there is no let up. They put up a good resistance, forcing me to resort to hand pads at one point, but HA HA, they didn't last long and I won the battle.

Feet will be scarred from this I think. This could spell and end of my flip flop modelling career. I still have some bits of tape (surgical not duct) holding them steady, but I don't have enough to last the whole journey so that will come to a sticky end. Well, when I pull the tape off it will be sticky!

Bottom.....this has been a major battle but, touch wood, I think I may have got over the worst....I am not wanting to tempt fate so I will ease off the praise there...however if anyone remembers the Elephant man film ...if they make a remake my backside could star in the lead role. Apart from the numbness and pain though, all good here!

I received a message from the GIANT Rob Burrow a few days back. As always, he was appreciative ad humble about people doing things to raise funds and awarenes for MND Association. It made my day to read it and it spurred me on a touch more. Much love to you and your family Rob x

I have had other messages sent to me via Emma from people wishing me well. I cannot thank people enough for taking the time to write. Truest amazing of you all. Thank you x

There is a bird that visits me several times a day, I need to look up the species when I get home. It is great to watch and I have names her Elizabeth ...don't ask why...I cannot answer that, however we chat away to each other on all occasions of visit! There is also an Albatross that visits ... I will say it is the same one, there can't be more than one surely! No name for him yet, I am working on it,

A pod of Minka whales swam past a few days ago, totally nonplussed by the event as they were....either that or they were keen on my music! Speaking of which, one of my devices has crashed which is not good news, as I have lost music and more importantly 5 years of desert island discs ...and from the Roy Plummley archive too!! Gutted...I will have to download when I return.

To close, it was great to chat to a few people on Christmas Day via the Sat phone. Sorry if you missed out and I got your voicemail, it is a strange number and some of you may have thought it was telemarketing! Yep...even on Christmas Day! lol! But thank you for those who shared the time to chat, it was nice even if it did remind me that I haven't seen my family in almost a month.

So I will retire for the evening. I am going to put my feet up and look at the stars as I drift off to sleep. Got an early start in the morning as there is little wind forecast which makes it like rowing through treacle.

Keep smiling

Crazy Craigo

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