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Blog 02.01.2021 FRUSTRATION!

If your deckchair is not in the sun then move the chair!

A nice quote that I often use when people ask me for advice. Today I have tried 4 times to move my deckchair...well boat...stuck in the same position on sea anchor faced with this being the situation for the next 5 days, I had to try something! However, each time I have tried I have failed Not through lack of effort but through lack of power.

The first two occasions saw me getting pushed North West which was in to further trouble. This was before first light and then again mid morning I had another attempt to row into the wind, but with that and the sea state it wasnt possible.

I waited then until the sun had set and the sea state levelled off somewhat, but with a 7knot wind on to my bow it was again, not possible and as I put the sea anchor out again for what seems the 1000th time 'Achey Breaky Heart' played on the iPod ....very apt to be fair!

So it will be tomorrow afternoon before I can get the next weather report, so I will have to wait until then. Today's report hasn't been good reading so I have stopped looking at it. No point undermining my deckchair now is there.

Have a great day everyone. Craig x

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