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Blog 03.01.2021 - The waiting game....

There is only so much sleep you can have before it becomes annoying. I am not sure on the number of hours it is ....but i passed the point hours ago!!

So I am still on sea anchor ...and have been for what seems a decade. If I am not able to break free of this weather when it drops a bit on Tuesday, I could be stuck here until Friday doing a mixture of bobbing whilst I sweat it out in my cabin. I am not able to have the cabin door open in fear of flooding as waves break over the boat. That would definately be game over for the crossing for sure! The other option would be to sit on deck, a tad more comfortable but a whole heap wetter! Whilst in the cabin, it is dry but there is no way to sit up, so I have to lay which is making my back ache. I long to be outside until I hear a wave crash over the deck but remaining in the cabin like POW on punishment is hardly joy.

So it goes on, and on....and on....I lay and wait....and sweat....occasionally I sit outside and get wet with the waves as I do with the sweat. Sleep isn't a comfort of being tired merely a way of passing time for however long I sleep for.

I deleted all movies from my iPad thinking they wouldn't be required...what a mistake that was. I only had about 4 on there but I could do with them right now. Instead I have Connect 4 on the iPhone or Margaret Thatcher's autobiography on the ipad! Lady T is winning at the moment by a long way! It was either reading that or some bus timetable I found bizarrely on the iPad. I have no idea which town or city it refers to so not much point reading that! lol

Fingers crossed for a drop in wind on the Tuesday night then.


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