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BLOG 07.01.2021 - Bobbing along

Today marks my 6th consecutive day on sea anchor. Apart from my 11 hour stint on the oars Monday evening I have been sat at the mercy of the wind and the ocean bobbing around waiting for a change in fortunes. I am not sure I can depict the situation to you whilst you read this on dry line.

Imagine being stuck in-front of you car for 6 days, depending on the weather depends on whether you can go outside or have your window open (HAS ANYONE TOLD CRAIG WE ARE STUCK IN A MIDDLE OF AN ICE RINK LOCKDOWN! LOL!) All you have to pass the time is one book you have already read, a few podcasts that you don't want to use up so that you run out later and music. Throw into the bargain, that your food is cooked by perhaps not the most exciting and talented chef...and there you have it! Oh, nearly forgot, the seats in your car have been removed so a comfy position is a struggle to find! Joy!

Hopefully all this will end tonight as the wind veers around to the North. The sea swell is also to move from the West to the North West....and then more so to the North. This will hopefully allow me to pack up my sea anchor and get moving in the direction of Antigua , I certainly hope so. If it hadn't been for the window of opportunity on Monday to row for those few hours I am not sure I would have coped and it provided me with a half time sea anchor punishment break! lol! Fingers crossed I can make good use of the new wind direction.

I have tidied the cabin oit twice, cleaned it through, emptied the hatches and cleaned inside them and then checked the weather more these past 6 days than I have ever done in 6 months.

So, fingers, toes, arms and oars crossed that tomorrow brings a new wave (pun intended) of opportunity to get going. I will be preparing tomorrows food this afternoon to save time and give more time for rowing. Snacks and treats will be portioned out in the box n deck and water will be made today in readiness. I can then hopefully knock some more mileage off as I still have 3/4 of the distance to cover even though I have been on the water for nearly 4 weeks on Saturday, which seems bizarre that it has gone already! 6 weeks since I saw my partner, my family or any of my great friends.

I have spoken to all those people via the Sat phone, I have emailed emails of support and Emma has forwarded on to me a selection of the well wishes from social media people have kindly posted. Thank you everyone for those, they make a difference and I am truly humbled by everyone's kindness.

So hopefully the dot watching will become a tad more exciting for you tomorrow! I do hope so! If not, for you.....then for the sake of my own sanity.


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