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BLOG! 07.02.2021 the Custard Creams!

Hi guys, Craig wanted to say firstly he is sorry that there hasnt been a BLOG for a while. He has been really tired, rowing until 11pm and just falls asleep once he is done. Craig has no personal email access or mobile phone reception, however some of those close to Craig has his contact details and we are passing your messages on .....however I did receive this today

07.02.2021 Not sure where I was up to with my last blog. Probably moaning about things hurting on my body. They still hurt, but I ignore them and won't mention them again if I can.

Things were getting pretty unbearable with my seat. I’d chopped up my sleeping bag to make some cushions or sorts with my dry bag. But in the end I had to have a maintenance couple of hours. I stripped the seat pad down and then rebuilt it with some more foam pads I had. With the lessons learnt from previous builds I am hoping I’ve got it right now. If not, it's tough luck. The only thing left after that is to sit on my pillow while I row and I wouldn’t be putting my head back on that at the end of the night to sleep once a days rowing had passed.....not with these rehydrated meals and how they give me wind. Haha.

Once the seat pad was done I decided to pop over the side to check the hull. I knew there would be bits I’d missed when I last cleaned it as the sea was pretty rough that day. While it was less choppy I took the opportunity and it was so much easier to clean the bits I had missed this time round. Once that was all sorted I just had a little swim for as far as the tether would allow. It was so relaxing until the Jaws music played in my head.....then I was back on deck in no time and rinsing my stuff and body off with fresh water. Haha.

Most days I wish for cloud. It is so hot with the sun beating down on you and it drains my energy so fast. There is no shade other than my sunglasses and the legionnaire hat so it beats you up. There is a choice of applying the sunblock every 30 minutes or just cracking on with life..... cracking on seemed to be the best option and it stops your hands from being so greasy however my lips have aged a fair bit now! I may not be fancied by my better half at the finish line. Haha.

The flip side of all this energy zapping is you need a good nights sleep in a good bed at the end of the day.....a good bed I do not mattress no longer retains any air and I rely on the soft inner of the thing as a cushion. With the waves banging in to the boat at irregular intervals, sleep is something not easy to come by and I would hazard a guess that 2 hours is the longest I’ve slept for in a block during this Atlantic cruise. I can’t take the risk of leaving the hatch door on the vent as rogue waves crash over the deck at the most unlikely moments guess that’s why they are rogue waves so it’s just a mixture of tossing and turning while sweating buckets.

Speaking on things on deck. If anyone has details of how to claim against flying fish collisions then please pass it on. I have been it several times now and my first job of the day is usually clearing the deck of the little flying fish trainees that won’t go on to pass flight school. Those unlucky fellows become nothing more than part of the ecosystem of life in the Atlantic Ocean.

So sorry for the gap in blogs. I’ve been very busy on the oars trying to push for the finish line. And it’s impossible to row and type. I’m a boy so can’t multitask!! Now less than 800 miles to go. I want to push even more especially as I have been given the incentive of a pack of custard creams at the finish line (and a pot of tea!). Knowing Emma she may get tempted to start them for me and forgets to stop. She does that. Hahahahaha (EMMA NOTE....YUCK..NOT CUSTARD CREAMS BUT YOU HAVE NO BOURBON BISCUITS AFTER THAT COMMENT!!)

Until the next time. Craig x

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