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BLOG 16.02.2021 - End in Sight

Hi All.

So with the finish line in sight on my chart I can now begin to think of it. I’ve been pushing harder for the last week and I’m seeing the benefits from that and whilst I have really enjoyed the majority of my time out here in this amazing race I would like to return to some creature comforts that seem like a luxury in my mind. A real toilet that flushes things away rather than having to be ripped over the side of the boat. A proper bed instead of an inflatable camping mattress that has had a puncture since week 3. A bedroom that isn’t the size of an under stairs cupboard and reacts like a sauna after 30 minutes. A shower rather than a tub of water on the deck of the boat to wash the salt off my legs at the end of each day but the so many times I have done the ocean has then delivered a last few gallons of sea water over the deck as a good night comedy show. Oh and food that I don’t have to rehydrate before eating and then distract myself so I do eat it and in some hope, also enjoy it or at least not throw it back up.

But the most amazing reason to get there to Antigua. Is to see Emma. She is always there at the end of my ocean crossings along with many other crazy events. Unfortunately nature (Emma's hearing) has robbed us of the ability to hold phone calls together, but sometimes I have just called her so I can hear her voice and for her to hopefully hear mine a bit. However, that just adds to our ability to communicate with written word, which most often means more.

COVID has robbed me of the planned trip of my daughter and grandchildren seemingly. I will find find out the details which I step on to dry land. But for what’s been my longest ocean crossing and also solo. It seems cruel that those three very special people aren’t able to share the joy of that 1st step on to land. A once in a life time opportunity has clashed with what is hopeful a once in a lifetime pandemic. Typical. Haha.

But with however long left in the race the Atlantic will test me right up until I have reach dry land, I’m sure of that. There will be no dropping of my guard especially with the return of my skin infection. I had the feeling it was slowly returning in the same area, and the antibiotic cream was doing the trick to begin with but it is seemingly fighting a losing battle and the infection is getting worse. With limited amount of antibiotics to fight it I will await a call to the race officer tomorrow as to the best attack. To come so close it would be even crueller to be robbed of the crossing by such a small but massively painful infection.

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