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BLOG 24.01.21 - Infections and Flying Fish

The joy of fixing the water maker or it actually fixing itself was short lived! The Atlantic Ocean had decided to test me further by giving me a skin infection upon my scrotum! As I am having to row butt naked due to the chaffing my lower regions aren't as well protected. I am not sure what would protect you from the constant onslaught from water coming over the deck, perhaps a dry suit? I think that would make it impossible to row! The pain had got so bad that I was struggling to cope with the life of rowing. I have not known a pain like it. I can only describe it as someone sticking red hot needles in to the infected area....and as it was my was no joy! This had gradually become worse over a couple of days so I had phoned the race doctor. He advised me to start taking the antibiotics that we carry on the boat for the race. It would be 6 days before they would start to have any effect. During this time I'd had very little sleep and was beginning to think I was out of the row. The only way seemed to be to the get the infected area out of the way of the saltwater to allow it to clear up.....did I mention, I was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?? There was only one option which was way down the list....but it was moving its way up very rapidly!! Further calls with the doctor and to Ian the duty officer for the race helped out. Ian had had the same infection on a race previously so was well aware of the pain BUT he also had knowledge on how to hopefully help it clear up. With Ian's advice, a heap of fresh water, some vaseline and a sock O think I have now got the infection under control and fingers crossed on the mend! It was almost funny as I was sat in my cabin bathing the infected area in some tupperware and I heard a loud thud on the deck outside. It was followed by some more noises. I knew what it would be straight away as it had happened a few times before. Outside a flying fish had landed on deck and was flapping around trying to come to terms with life on a rowing boat. I didnt have the heart to leave him to die so I have to squeeze out of the hatch and return him...or her...back to the ocean. I did try to see the funny side of it even though I was in agony from the infection and also from a days worth of rowing. Either way, the fish survived I hope! Craig MND Association Atlantic Campaigns Steve Towse York Cycleworks CJA Valeting F.R. Fowler & Son - Burnholme Fisheries Infinity Systems Ltd. Certibuild Limited York City Knights RLFC AJS - YORK Scaffolding Adastra Belgravia Stone @SABRE GRAPHICS LTD @DAVE KAVANAGH PAINTER AND DECORATOR Anytime Travel York Ebor Fitness WUrkout Fitness Normans Business Solutions Art of Smart Judge Electrical ltd McCain UK IE PenLife Associates Black Gold Topsoil @HAXBY BUILDERS

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