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Blog 28.12.2020

I have just popped the oars away, an hour early to be fair but I am busted tired....if that even makes sense! fact it sounds dramatic ha ha! It has been a long day on the paddles as the sea was flat calm for most of the day after I was hit by a squall first thing. A squall is an intense amount of air pressure and it brings a lot of quick fire weather, a bit like when they ramped things up in the Truman Show near the end (if you have never watched the Truman show that will make zero sense) but it's like flicking a switch. I did think of hiding in the cabin so not to get wet ha ha! SOFT GIT! But I rode it out on deck. The sea state was very messy but I seemed to be heading in the kind of right direction, so it went for 90 minutes . I thought it would only last 10-15minutes, but nope I got a bonus bit of weather and it might have pushed me a mile or so extra on the end of the day total. I got absolutely soaked and could see hardly anything due to the driving rain but I kind of enjoyed the ride! ha ha

To finish the day, I just climbed into the cabin and could hear some noise outside. I knocked the Nav light off so I could see the surface of the water which is like a blanket now, and with the light of the near full moon, 20 metres or so away, there was a small pod of whales. The noise was them blowing at the surface, a nice end to the day.

Until next time. Craig x

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