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Blog 30.12.2020 Zzzzzzzzzzz

Sleep is very hard to come by on board this luxury cruise liner I have to say. There is a 600mm channel that runs down the middle of my cabin, it's about 100mm deep. Inside I have placed my fold out mattress....though when I say fold, I have scrunched from the end of the cabin bit and wedged out of the way as much as I can get it.

I have a sleeping bag, still in it's wrapping as I haven't needed it yet as it is far too warm. Hopefully it will stay like that and I can send it back and get a refund after the race! ha ha!

I also have my cotton liner, that I am using as a bit of a cover.

I have had to use my towel as a mattress cover to stop getting all the cream I have applied to various body parts at the end of the's hectic!

Ideally I would sleep on my side but that is impossible as the boat rocks as it's on the ocean and you end up rocking in motion with the boat making sleep impossible to come by and you end up falling either face up or down!

I would normally sleep face up but the ocean movement still allows much rocking and I have to lie slightly off line to the channel in the cabin so that I can wedge my foot to the side of the fire extinguisher and my grab bag. My other leg then needs to be bent at the knee so that it creates a kind of triangle effect to stopper from rocking about so much. The other option is laid flat on my back with legs bent and knees on either side of the cabin wall. It braces you quite nicely but leaves you feeling like you should give birth or break wind at any point.......and as I am not able to give birth I continually choose option 2 and Derek and Tin have no nose hair left! I blame this new diet!

Face down?? Ha ha the ideal position especially when you have a tub load of cream applied to your mid regions to rear and below! This then allows what ever air is in the cabin to circulate and help the areas heal as much as possible before being squashed, chaffed and rubbed considerably more the next day. Again, with this position the knee needs to be at a 45degree angle with the foot placed under the other leg to brace against the ocean motion...however I am not able to lift my left arm above my shulder any more due to all the rowing...I have been attempting, so this has to lay by my side in the very little space of the 600mm channel and eventually my shoulder aches like heck!

So i have to hope that I am severely tired enough when I retire that I pass out ....and hope that I pass out long enough with the heat and conditions in the cabin. Once awake I just drift in and out of sleep, dozing until the alarm goes off or I give in to annoyance of not been able to sleep due to conditions. I think to date I have had 2.5 hours, this is the best so far!

So.....I am very much looking forward to a good nights sleep at race end that's for sure but knowing my luck the fire alarm will go off in the hotel during the night and spoil all that! ha ha!

Night! Craig

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