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Saving Peppa

Today’s on the water rowing session had me carrying out a mercy mission. I spotted Peppa Pig in danger of getting washed out in to the wild North Sea. With no time to think about my own safety or place a Mayday call over the Vhf (Think the coastguard would have me locked up) I leapt (well not so much leapt as I didn’t want to capsize again) in to action and carried out a well executed BOB (Ball over board) rescue. Peppa Pig then stayed with me until the end of my training and was donated to a young girl who was on the beach when I landed back on shore. She was very happy 😊 Of my rowing. There was a slight westerly breeze that built up a fair bit while I headed out towards Flamborough head. As I turned to head back I was averaging a good 4.6mph. But in to the headwind that dropped a fair bit. I tucked in the shore line as best I could to use the Lee of the land to help my out. And that worked once I got back towards the coastguard station. 12 miles covered over the water with an average of 3mph. My sadness of forgetting my tea Yorkshire tea bags for my post row brew was not rectified until I returned home where Emma had a pot of tea ready waiting for me. She said I was useless for forgetting my tea bags. But a hero for saving Peppa 😊👍🏻. Haha

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