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Why row round the outside of Britain is the question I get from so many people.  Well, I live in Britain and it’s not such a big Island.


I guess I should be grateful I don’t live in Australia. Haha.

But to date it is a journey that is yet to be completed unsupported. Six attempts have been made. Following some training out on the water in May 2023 with a potential pair’s rower for the GB Row Challenge, I became aware that I still had the thirst for a challenge. The other rower realized that he wouldn’t have the ability to live in the conditions of the rowing boat for what could well be 50 to 60 days. I believed that I could. So, the idea was hatched and then later fuelled when it was implied that it cannot be done. We will see.

So, to be unsupported, I will not be allowed to receive anything from any one once I have left my start port. If I run out of food I starve or it’s all over. I am not allowed to tie up to any fixed point at any time. I am not allowed to enter in to harbours or marinas. Basically, I am allowed to drop my anchor on to the seabed.


Sounds like fun.

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