Affecting up to 5,000 adults in the UK at any one time, 6 people per day are diagnosed with MND and 6 people per day die of the disease in the UK alone, that is just under 2,200 per year.  There is NO CURE to MND, a fatal, rapidly progressing disease that affects both the brain and spinal cord, attacking the nerves that control movement so the muscles no longer work.  It can leave people locked in a failing body, unable to move, talk and eventually breathe.


Early this year the UK Rugby League felt the blow from news that one of their retired stars, Robbie Burrow, had been diagnosed with MND.   As a retired player myself and also knowing how my dad would have felt with the news, I felt a sadness for such an amazing and inspiring player and wanted to help.  By supporting the MND, each donation can help Robbie and others diagnosed and impacted with MND.  


Here is an example of how important each donation is and how your money can help:


•£10 provides an information pack for a newly diagnosed person with MND

•£30 buys an adapted cutlery set to help someone with MND continue to feed themselves

•£75 funds an MND expert researcher for half a day

•£95 runs the MND Connect support and information line for one hour

•£100 funds laboratory equipment for two days’ vital research into finding out the causes of MND

•£160 will enable two people to bank their voices £200 could produce 40 copies of ‘So what is MND anyway?’, our guide for young people affected by MND

•£300 provides a basic level of respite care for one day

•£550 could fund a tablet device with communication software, giving the ability to communicate with loved ones

•£600 will fund a seat riser allowing someone with MND to raise their wheelchair so that they can reach shelves and talk to someone at eye level

•£1,000 will pay for detailed analysis of the DNA of someone with MND to help us better understand the causes of the disease

•£1,500 funds the installation of a straight stair lift for someone with MND to gain access around the house

•£2,000 buys a Lightwriter to give someone with MND the ability to continue to communicate with their loved ones

•£4,000 could fund a person with MND to participate in a clinical trial for a year