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BLOG 21.01.21 - Living in a Shoe Box!

So I think it is a few weeks now since we got going again after the time on sea anchor. Some strong winds to begin with have since mellowed, and now are even less. The winds are still coming from the East so it's still the best point of the compass so we couldn't wish for anything else really.

The sea state today was very frustrating as again it was coming from different directions all at the same time! This has made rowing a bit difficult as I was forever catching the oars as the sea bobbled around BUT at least we were moving forward which is what I keep reminding myself. I find the best way to deal with frustration is to sign out loud whatever song is playing at the time. Needless to say, I have had no new wildlife sightings recently! ha ha!

I did have the water maker stop working for 3 days ...this made me sing out loud a fair bit...I don't know if you can guess which song I was doing a rendition of but let us just say it needed a parent advisory sticker on the front if it had been on the shelf as a CD! ha ha!

Tin informed me that Derek wants to fly the next time we go on holiday, he says it is a lot more comfortable. I have to agree, living in a shoe box isn't the ideal way to survive, but it has to be done. I keep thinking back to the other boats at the start line, some of them brand new boats looking really comfortable inside. I think of them with a touch of envy BUT I am very grateful for Storm Petrol and the way she has looked after me very much so I won't be swapping any time soon.

Craig x

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