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First 10 days

First 10 days done. And if it’s a 60 day journey. Well that’s a 6th done already. Woo hop.

Started the day with a phone call to my beautiful daughter as it was her birthday today. I’m not giving her age away but she looks amazing for been so old. Haha

Then it’s been another day on the oars. Bit same old same old to be fair. But I feel I have overcome the initial issues that my body suffered.

I expected some change to my hands. A little softening pre race start was never going to help. But they survived the initial onslaught well and the blisters quickly turned to callouses. So that’s ok.

Feet suffered more than expected. After having no issues in training I didn’t expect much hassle. But massive blister on either heel that then burst were such a joy. So I just taped them up. Cut the back out of the trainers with the knife (Cheers Andy). And cracked on.

I had no issues with charging ever. In the rowers or out on the water in training. So I was shocked when things progressed to be so bad that I couldn’t even sit down at all. I thought I would have to row standing up Like some Venetian Gondolier all the way across. But after 4 days of agony and hell I think I’ve got it sorted. Hopefully. I’d cross my fingers but I can’t row then.

So onwards to the next 6th or so. 10 days either way. Joy.

Thank you to people who have posted such lovely messages on social Media or sent them to Emma. She has passed. A couple on it really does help.

Have a great Christmas everyone. I will with 16 hours on oars and many thoughts of Christmas dinners that you lucky lot will eat.


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