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Lost my sunnies!

Went out in a training boat today in Bridlington Bay.(Anybody who was watching owes my a fee for the comedy show I provided. Prepared everything correctly. Life jacket on. VHF radio in case I get in to trouble. Got the boat launched in to the sea. Jumped aboard to be tipped back in to the surf upside down by the next wave. I am sure I heard a seal laughing. Probably the same one who is now wearing my Oakley sunnies that failed to surface on my head after I came back above the surf giggling. But I then launched with more success and got out in to the ocean. Had a few teething troubles but got in to some kind of rhythm eventually. Thank you to the guy who pulled the trailer down to where I came back on to the beach and then heled me load the boat back on and drag it back up to the boat park. I must have looked a little bit knowledgeable as was surprised it was my first time out on the water. But I said it wouldn't be my best row and it was all about getting set up and working it out. Don't recall mentioning that I need to lose my sunnies though

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